Francisco's birthday was nearly two months ago, and we just now found the time to put his present to use. It actually turned out to be a perfect day for kayaking, so maybe we waited until just the right time.
A boy and his boat
We ended up going to Doe Run Lake, which was a park I had never heard of, but it was just over the state line in Kentucky. It's tucked away on a country road, and they have hiking trails along with the lake - and there were a few people parasailing while we were there.
So, we got the boat all set up and paddled out onto the water and after several minutes, Francisco said "um, there's a disturbing amount of water back here".
So, we furiously paddled back to the shore to discover that Francisco had failed to close one of the drainage holes. Phew, at least that was an easy fix and it didn't mean that the boat was damaged already!
We checked out some wildlife, and Francisco jumped overboard for a swim. Now that I've verified that he's capable of getting in and out of the boat without tipping us over, I'd really like to bring a better camera out with us.
I'm glad he was finally able to put my present to him to use, and I think he had a really good time. We are hoping to get in some more kayak trips before the weather gets too cold.


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