Pizzanati: Adriatico's

If there's one food me and my husband both love fairly equally, it would be pizza. Now he definitely wants it more frequently than I do, but that just kind of goes along with my need for variety. I just can't eat the same food over and over again. But nary a week passes that we don't have pizza at least once. Yet we still just don't have a favorite place in town.So, we've decided it's high time we take a closer look at the pizza places around town.

Adriatico's New York Style Pizza and Sports Bar seems to be a fairly popular pizza around here. I've had it a couple times at work, and we've gotten a to-go order at least once. It's near the University of Cincinnati campus, so we weren't sure how congested it was going to be, and we anticipated having to pay for parking. As we pulled up to a meter, I spotted a sign that side Parking for Adriatico's. Saved us some change! Their small lot is just a short walk away. We were here around early afternoon on a Saturday, so it wasn't very crowded.

Now, I did mention that they're near campus, so the bar was already full and a little loud. It definitely had a college vibe, but overall a very relaxed pub atmosphere.

We started our meal with an order of the Tater Tots. A side of tots with Cheddar Cheese is $2.50.
Pardon the picture quality, but it was a decent size for a side with a good amount of cheese, although they were slightly too greasy.
Adriatico's Tots Cincinnati
My husband loves him some Beer Cheese, so he also advocated for this appetizer, which is served with 6 breadsticks ($6.99). The beer cheese itself was creamy and there was a good amount of it. The warm breadsticks it came with were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Adriatico's Beer Cheese Cincinnati
Finally, the main event. We ordered a Medium Build Your Own ($11.49) with Sicilian Crust topped with Mushrooms ($1.50 for additional toppings). The husband wanted more cheese, and generally, I'm in agreement with that; however, I found this pizza to be plenty flavorful even if the cheese did appear to be a little sparse. Adriatico's is uniquely spicy, but they offer lite sauce and no garlic or some specialty pizzas come without sauce altogether. It's a spice that you'll take notice of, but it's not overwhelming.
Adriatico's Pizza Cincinnati
VERDICT: This pizza is priced at average value. The cheese is a little light, but I don't think it really takes away from the flavor. The mushrooms are fresh, and the crust is good. I think it has garlic baked into it, so it's the kind of crust I actually want to eat the majority of, instead of passing across the table to my carb-loving husband. I like the sauce, but you may want to go light if spice isn't your thing.  Plus, they have good sides.

Francisco would rate it 7.5-8/10. He strongly preferred dining there vs. the takeout from there that we've gotten in the past, but he would definitely return.


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