August 2015 Disposables

Hmm, my basket seems a little light this month.
1. & 2. Sunscreen is another item I'm surprised - and I guess disappointed - I don't go through more quickly. I try to be diligent about sun protection, but I know I can be doing better.
3. This nourishing body butter came in my March 2015 Glossybox.
4. Nivea lotion sample.
5. Bath & Body Works lotion.
1. This face spray came in my February 2014 Sample Society box. I'm not really sure what the point of it was.
2. Sample of face primer - still searching for the best primer for my skin!
3. & 4. Kate Somerville samples.
5. Another primer.
6. This bronzer came in my November 2013 ipsy bag. I liked that it was matte, so it was more of a subtle bronze.
7. This primer came in my May 2014 Glossybox, but it probably wasn't the best for my skin type.
8. This lip butter smells delish, but I didn't like that it came in a little tin (sanitary issues) and it applied a bit too goopy.
1. Hair oil sample.
2. This dry shampoo came in my December 2013 Sample Society box. I still prefer a spray and find this a little messy to apply.
1. Nicole Richie fragrance that came in my January 2014 Sample Society box.
2. I'm not sure I realized that a fragrance could go bad, but I pulled out this sample from my December 2013 ipsy bag, and it was cloudy and sticky.
3. & 4. Last two fragrances that I'd been testing.



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