Yay, Christmas! Deffo my favorite holiday, along with I'm sure 95% of the US. My brother came down the Wednesday before Christmas - he left home later than expected and got stuck in some traffic, so we really just had enough time for dinner at Keystone Bar & Grill.  I worked a half-day on Christmas Eve, which gave us some extra time to hang out together at home and we ended up driving around to try and find some Christmas lights. We were pretty unsuccessful since we're still not sure of the best neighborhoods to check out in Cincy.

My brother and I worked on a pine cone project for a while...
...that mostly turned out to be a Pinterest fail. :-P
We started watching a Christmas movie that night (Deck the Halls) and then started getting everything ready in the morning for the rest of my family to arrive. We didn't know when they had left, so we weren't sure when they would arrive, and they ended up pulling in sooner than we had expected them. So...the house wasn't as together as I would have preferred, but oh, well.

Before they arrived, Francisco brought his big surprise for me upstairs. I have been mad at this present for like weeks now because my husband has spent far too much time in the fakement building something. I was expecting some kind of bookshelf as I 'unwrapped' this present, but it turns out he built a console table.

This was something we had thought about purchasing as we endlessly browsed furniture in recent months. But all those episodes of Design on a Dime paid off, and Francisco decided to make one himself. It's actually quite nice, and it just needs another coat of stain. I'm just hoping it doesn't take him another 20 weekends to finish the stain. :-P The lid opens as well, so it will be really handy for storing things.

My favorite present that I got Francisco was a GoPro. I tell ya, I had no intent on buying one - but I had no idea what to get him. A random browsing of Amazon left me with this in my cart, and I think he was surprised to open it.

All in all, it was a really good Christmas Day. My parents headed home that same day, but my brother stayed through the weekend. I don't know how, but I managed to convince them to go to the mall the next day. Yeah, not advisable to go there the day after Christmas. We didn't stay long - grabbed lunch at Yardhouse then headed home to chill.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best for the New Year!


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