Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Code Silver & Gold

Last Friday, we had a Code Silver at work. This is the message we were sent: the hospital "has issued a Code Silver - Active Shooter/Armed Intruder. The suspect is described as White male wearing all black carrying AK 47 and black backpack. Last seen leaving South entrance of ABC building. STAY AWAY FROM BC GARAGE." My office is in the hospital, which is across the street from the Business Center [ABC building], and I walk between that building and the Business Center garage to get to my parking lot. I was literally about ready to head out for the day when that message was sent out - if I had just left 10 minutes earlier!! Proper security measures need to be taken when these kind of messages are sent out, so we cleared out our waiting room and moved families to a more secure area, and we all holed up in our offices. The Manager of Labor & Delivery and the Director of the unit came down to our office, and we sat tight waiting for further updates. Finally, almost a half hour later, the next message was sent out: "CODE SILVER ALL CLEAR: INCIDENT WAS ISOLATED TO BUSINESS CENTER. NO SUSPECT WAS FOUND." No suspect found....but all clear?!? We were all a little perplexed by this. The Director suggested we all get out of here while we could and offered me a ride to my car, which I happily accepted. I had had a new employee start that week as well, so I was able to squeeze her in for a ride, too. 

So, I had been a bit distracted and hadn't put too much thought into where to go for dinner that night. I let my husband choose, and surprise surprise, we ended up at Maribelle's, which is seriously his fave place.  I had the Sage Advice cocktail (gin + lemon peel +  black pepper + cava), and he had the Gettin Figgy. Beyond our normal order of Cheese and Brussels, we also had the Roasted Carrots and both the Tres Leches Bread Pudding and Bananas Foster Cake for dessert. I've always loved their desserts, but I was a bit let down this time around. The bread pudding ended up being far too savory for my liking.
Francisco was working on projects most of the day Saturday, so I did some Christmas present wrapping and watched Netflix. I also have watched a lot of Youtube Vlogmas. :) Now I'm not entirely sure how Colby even got up there, but he is still a little Christmas terror. I had to get him down from this window more than once! 
And I think someone likes the new couch...
It was finally delivered this week, and Francisco sent me this pic after it came in:
The sunrise was gorgeous on Sunday, but it faded so quickly. I literally went to the bathroom, came back out, and the sky was all gray.  
I cannot freaking believe that Christmas is literally next week!
We are of course no where near as ready as we'd like to be. We bought a carpet cleaner recently, and we've been going through room by room. We did the living room this weekend, as evidenced by those nice lines in the carpet. 
At the end of the day, we had a smorgasbord of Penn Station, Panera Bread, and Steak N' Shake. My Speculoos Cookie Butter milkshake was delicious, but my fries were disgusting. They were soggy and mostly raw.  And yeah, I probably shouldn't have been eating in the living room considering we'd literally just cleaned that carpet. :-P
Ahh, one more weekend before Christmas!!


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