The Table Project

When I moved into my first apartment in West Lafayette, I hit up IKEA for a lot of my furniture - including a dining table and chair set. So, this was like 8 years ago...and this furniture has definitely seen better days. This year, I don't know how many times we've wandered through furniture stores in search of a couch or dining set. I had pretty much made up my mind that I wanted these items before year-end. We had finally found a satisfactory gray couch, and I had decided that I was willing to attempt to salvage our existing table and save some money.

These pictures do not even reveal the true awfulness that was this table. It was very scuffed with sizable gouges and even some splotches where I had spilled acetone on it. It was honestly never my preferred color to begin with anyway.
This was very much a trial by error project as we really haven't attempted much DIY. First, there was sanding, lots of sanding. That coated the garage in sawdust - rookie mistake.
Since I tend to prefer all things dark, we went with an espresso stain and about 3 coats for evenness.
So, yeah, I'm not hating it. Is it perfect? No. Do I maybe not need to have every single piece of furniture in my house be dark? Most certainly. But I just like it the most. :P
Unfortunately, we may have just opened a can of worms - we've been watching a lot of Design on a Dime, and we already have a lengthy unwritten list of home improvement projects.


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