Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Pre-Christmas Edition

Practically every other Friday, we end up having Mexican for dinner.  We ended up at Chuy's last week. Definitely a chain restaurant, BUT they have a free queso bar during their happy hour, so I was basically there to get my cheese on - with a side of margaritas. Francisco teased me because I pretty much hate making important phone calls, like to the doctor, and I pretty much just won't. But I willingly picked up the phone to call Chuy's to make sure they still had their queso bar. [Monday - Friday, 4 - 7, folks!]
After dinner, we drove around a little bit looking for Christmas lights and wound up back at the same place we'd discovered last year.
We decided to brave Target on the LAST SATURDAY before Christmas, and it really wasn't that bad.
We wrapped up our Christmas shopping and then went out for lunch at BJ's Brewhouse.
BJ's Brewhouse
I finally finished wrapping presents - except for the few stragglers that had yet to come in the mail - but I didn't really feel safe leaving any under the tree...except for the one gift that comes in a hard tin. Our little Christmas terror can strike at any time.
We also made a couple batches of cookies that I brought in for a work lunch - White Chocolate Peppermint Pudding Cookies and Ricotta Cookies.
I had entertained the idea of doing something more elaborate with my nails, but...then I didn't, and this is what I ended up with.
Merry Christmas, y'all!


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