Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Holiday Spice Flat White

Francisco found himself dealing with some pretty awful back pain on Friday, so he actually took the day off to recuperate. Luckily, he was starting to feel better by dinner time, so we went out for Mexican food at Cactus Pear. We've only recently discovered this place thanks to it being mentioned at work, and it's fast become one of our top Mexican restaurants. They have an impressive list of margarita flavors (I'm having a Sangria Margarita below), which are decently strong, and their food isn't exactly run-of-the-mill chain food. We had the Kale & Mushroom Enchiladas and saved enough room for Fried Ice Cream. Their salsa is also really good and unique.
Cactus Pear
On Saturday morning, we headed to Target and had a quick breakfast at the Starbucks there. I had heard about the new Holiday Spice Flat White, and I was very interested in trying it. I thought it was a good choice for those who want to enjoy a holiday beverage, but don't want a drink that leans too sweet. I found it smooth with a nice spice flavoring. Francisco thought it was a bit too bitter for his tastes.
We've been having some crazy foggy days lately, and this was our view of the sun after we finished a little bit of Christmas shopping.
This had been our view from the condo before we headed out for the day.
We finally picked up a wreath hanger at Target, so we were able to put our wreath up for the first time.
Unfortunately, Saturday had started out with some sad news. I check Facebook to see that I had a message from Francisco's cousin who lives in San Francisco. She asked me to pass on the message to Francisco to check Facebook. I had a bad feeling about this and immediately thought the worst...and I was right. He read his message to see that Grandpa Poncho had passed away on Friday, December 4, around 3 PM our time. I only met Francisco's grandpa just over a year ago, and then we visited him in Santiago, Chile in January of this year. He was such a sweet, interesting man, and I know this is a great loss to the family. I will be forever touched by the memory of witnessing Francisco sit down with his grandpa after it having been years and years since they'd seen each other.

In honor of Grandpa Poncho, we mixed up some Chilean Pisco Sours. Chilean Pisco proved very hard to find (the Peruvian is much more widely available). We were able to find it at The Party Source in Kentucky, which I may have mentioned is my new favorite store lol.
We made our belated at-home Thanksgiving meal, with delicious roasted Brussels Sprouts, Macaroni and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, and Tofurkey.
My husband can make some damned good food and mix a mean cocktail.  ;)


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