November 2015 Disposables

November 2015 Disposables
My pictures are probably on the dark side again - stupid Daylight Savings Time. :-P It's always nearly dark by the time I get home from work.

1. This Essie top coat was okay - I would repurchase, and I already have another waiting in my nail polish Helmer.  This one was nearing empty, and it was getting too thick to work with.
2. I don't know if Sephora still makes this 3-in-1 Base Coat because I couldn't find it on their website, but I wouldn't repurchase anyway. It got too thick, and there are other bases I like better.
3. This nail polish remover has actually been used up for a while, but I just kept refilling the bottle because it has a convenient push-top to dispense the product.
4. This OPI nail polish remover was okay, but it didn't seem as strong as others I've tried.
1 & 2. Aveeno Shampoo and Conditioner samples - not something I would purchase.
3. L'Occitane Conditioner sample - another one not worth repurchasing.
4. This solid perfume came in my French-inspired October Glossybox. Overall, the fragrance was pretty good, and I got a couple of compliments from my co-worker who noticed the perfume.
1. I think I received this body wash as a gift at some point. Nothing I would repurchase. Some red sediment started to accumulate as I finished off this product, so not sure what that was about.
2. I always have one of these Bath & Body Works mini hand sanitizers on me.
3. I wasn't terribly impressed with this hand cream - especially as the weather has turned colder and I need a more nourishing product.
1. I tried this eye gel as part of a Brandbacker campaign, and it was definitely not a win. It was kind of sticky and it made the skin around my eyes feel stiff.
2. Sheet mask from my November Birchbox.
3. Exfoliator from my October Birchbox.
4. Skin cream from my August 2014 Glossybox.
5. This eye cream came as part of a winnings collection. I've been using retinol for a while, so I'm not very sensitive to it, but this is probably good for retinol newbies.
6 - 8. I used up the rest of the Exuviance Performance Peels that I received as part of a Brandbacker promotion.
9. This really expensive serum came in my May 2014 Glossybox.
10. I won this primer sample in a blog giveaway. I thought it was okay, but I'm generally looking for something that's formulated for oily skin.
11. Biore nose strip.
12. This eye make-up remover came in the Sephora The Great Cleanse collection. It's okay, but I'd like a better eye make-up remover.

FINAL RESULTS: 23 Clearing stuff out just in time for Christmas!


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