Donut Trail, Part II

I think I might just have a new favorite on the Butler County Donut Trail. Jupiter Coffee & Donuts is a standalone shop basically right across the street from Jungle Jim's - so they'd make the perfect breakfast stop if we were ever motivated to get up and go grocery shopping early enough! The interior is cute, and they have a good selection of both donuts and coffee/lattes.  Francisco picked this triangular fried danish filled with cream cheese. It was really tasty - crisp on the outside and soft on the inside with an adequate amount of cream cheese. I'm a sucker for a jelly donut, so I went for the raspberry jelly, which was really good - soft but not too soft with a good amount of jelly. The staff was really helpful. We paid $2.70 for our two donuts, which is a little pricier than some of the other places we've been, but we did get specialty donuts.
The staff at Jupiter helped direct us to our next stop, which was the Donut Spot. Located in a strip mall, this was a basic donut shop with a lackluster interior. We arrived around 11:00 AM, and the selection was pretty limited. However, their donuts were - in the words of my husband - top notch. They were still warm and very soft. I selected the Glazed Twist, which was practically falling apart [in a good, delicious way], and my husband had the Chocolate Iced, which he really liked. It was less than $2.00 for these two pastries, so you definitely get a bargain here.
So, with these two most recent stops, Jupiter has stolen the show for me. It combines all the positive factors I would look for in a decent restaurant - quality, selection, aesthetic, etc.   


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