January 2016 Disposables

I'd say, this isn't a bad start to the year!
January 2016 Disposables
1. I received this lotion to test back in June 2014 - not my favorite moisturizer ever, but it got the job done.
2. Another okay moisturizer received in my February 2015 Glossybox.
3. This face treatment just came in my January Birchbox.
4. Small sample of Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker.
5. I recently won a blogger giveaway, and one of the bonuses tossed in was this sheet mask.
6. Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum.
7. I received this serum to test back in June 2014.
8. This thick moisturizer from my December 2014 Glossybox definitely gets used the most in the really cold temps.
9. I received this mask to test in March 2015. I hated the smell of it and am glad it's finally all used up.
10. My favorite cleanser from the Sephora Great Cleanse collection - it smells delicious!
1. Paris Amour Golden Sugar Scrub from Bath & Body Works.
2. Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion.
3. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer - you can tell I've been extra dry lately!
4. An older Bath & Body works lotion - I'm a big fan of that Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.
5. This lotion just came in my January Birchbox.
6. L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil - this is light for an oil, and it smells really nice.
1. Shampoo from my April 2015 Birchbox.
2. Mousse from my December 2013 Sample Society box.
3. SunSilk Hydra TLC Creme
4. This was a pre-shampoo hair treatment. It was okay - it might be something I would try again.
1. Hand cream my husband had given me as a gift.
2. Hand cream used up from my January Glossybox.
3. I really liked this off-black nail polish color called Brandt, but it was pretty much impossible to work with at this point. I tried adding some thinner, but I think it's dried out.
1. Philosophy Frosted Cookie lip gloss - I've had this gloss at work for probably too long, so I decided it was finally time to pitch this. It was too sticky anyways.
2. This eyeliner came in my January 2015 Glossybox. It was fine at first, but then the tip got dull and there's not really a way to sharpen it.
3. This mascara was pretty good, but it was getting dried out.
4. I used Benefit's Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel until it was all used up, and then I kept it around because the wand was easier to work with then the one that came with the Anastasia product (#8).
5. I wasn't that impressed with this powder - it didn't seem to absorb as much oil as I would've hoped.
6. I found this concealer to be a little thick to work with, and it applied a bit cakey.  
7. Not a good primer for my skin type.
8. The Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel seemed maybe a bit too light for my brows, and the wand it came with was basically mascara-sized, which was a little off-putting.
9. I rather liked this Infallible eye shadow in Smoldering Plum...but then I dropped it, and the product all crumbled and it became not very fun to work with.
10. Basically my least favorite product in January's Glossybox.

FINAL RESULTS: 33 Great start to 2016!


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