Donut Trail, Part I

My co-worker sent me a link to an article about the Butler County Donut Trail, and I was all kinds of down as soon as I heard about it.  Butler County is a little north of us, up by our beloved Jungle Jim's and beyond, so we started by selecting the shop furthest away from us.  You can download a passport and write down a code from each shop that you can send in at the end of the trail to receive a free t-shirt.

Stan the Donut Man was first on the list. We arrived at this strip mall location around 11:00 AM on a Saturday, and they were all but sold out. There was one tray of donuts left, and the store attendant briefly described what the remaining options were. We chose a Sour Cream Donut, which was sooo tasty. It was super moist and just delicious. My husband wanted to go back in and buy up whatever they had left at this point. Our second selection was a jelly donut, which was a little dry, but it had plentiful filling. Priced at less than a dollar a donut, this is a place worth trying.
Our next stop was Milton's Donuts, which had an okay selection. They were also located in a strip mall. I chose the Fried Danish, which was nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was delicious, and the helpful attendant selected a donut with extra frosting for me. :D Francisco had the Cinnamon Roll with caramel glaze, which was a bit odd. It was very soft, which was unexpected for a cinnamon roll. I much preferred my donut.  The service was really good for a fast-paced donut shop like this - he briefly went over our donut options and made sure I had my passport code before we left.
We were going to stop at one more place, but they were already sold out.  Stan the Donut Man is taking the lead with that delicious Sour Cream donut, so we will see where the rest of the trail takes us! 


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