Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Buz

I feel like I had a really uneventful weekend. We went out to Buz Restaurant & Bar for dinner on Friday night. I had managed to get out of work a bit early, so we were able to get there as soon as they opened at 5:00. We started with a martini - definitely strong! - and then shared what was kind of a light meal.  We had the Buz Fries, which come with house ketchup and malt vinegar chive mayo. The fries were tasty, but I found the mayo to be lacking in flavor.  We shared an order of the Mushroom Ravioli, which is covered in summer vegetables and a red wine reduction. This was a nice, simple dish, but it didn't wow me.  For dessert, we had the dark chocolate pudding. Our meal was fine, but nothing really stood out to me.
We generally don't make it out for a big breakfast, but occasionally we switch it up and try to head out early. We grabbed some delicious grub at Sleepy Bee - my fave Blue Bee pancakes and the sausage scramble special of the day.
We stopped at Jungle Jim's for groceries first then went home for the the oh-so-fun tasks of kitty bathing and carpet cleaning. I'd noticed that Colby kept chewing and licking on his arm and was startled to see that he'd managed to erode a sizable chunk of fur. We were thisclose to taking him to the vet, but everything we saw online seemed to confirm that fleas were a likely culprit. We got them some Advantage drops, and hopefully this clears up the issue.
Then we got pizza and watched The Lost World. Yeah, uneventful.


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