Francisco's Birthday 2016-Bit

Since Francisco had free reign of dinner on Friday night, he unsurprisingly directed us to Maribelle's. We started with cocktails: Miss Leigh for me and Gin Mill for Francisco.
We tried the Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio along with our usual orders of Cheese and Brussels. We finished with an order of Cobbler Cheesecake and Buttermilk Beignets for dessert.
Somehow we finished all this food, so we were super-full for the night.

In the morning, I pulled out a few gifts for him. His big gift was an ice cream maker, but I also got him new wireless headphones [he lost his on our last vacay] and some new Richer Poorer undies.
The previous weekend, I had told him all about this arcade bar, 16-Bit, that I had visited with my friend while he was in town.  I did a good job of selling this place, because Francisco was totally down with going for his birthday. That's right, my husband finally took me to a bar. It only took video games to get us there.

Since they don't serve food, we stopped down the street at Krueger's Tavern for a quick lunch. We had a gin-based cocktail along with an order of Hot Beer Cheese and French Fries. I'd been wanting to check out this restaurant for a while, and we both really liked the small meal we had.
Krueger's Tavern
At 16-Bit, we jumped around from game to game - and drink to drink, lol. We had a Slush Puppie, a Patrick Swayze, a Hulk Hogan, and a Pam Anderson.
16-Bit Slush Puppie, a Patrick Swayze, a Hulk Hogan, and a Pam Anderson
I was pretty excited to play DigDug - I definitely remember that from my childhood. We also played Q*Bert, Joust, Ms. PacMan, any many others.
We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and went to work making some Lemon-Blackberry Ice Cream when we got home.
Lemon-Blackberry Ice Cream
I think we're both excited to try out some other ice cream flavors in the coming weeks!


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