Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Wrong Burger Bar

We couldn't remember the last time we had had Mexican for Friday night dinner, so when Francisco tossed out Chuy's, I was all over that idea. He had the Veggie Enchiladas, and my meal was mostly a margarita and chips and nacho cheese from the nacho bar. We also shared a slice of Tres Leches cake for dessert - they've got nothing on Francisco's version of this cake!
In the morning, we grabbed a couple of pastries from Panera Bread so I could use my free birthday pastry coupon.
We had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's, plus it was the Ohio Sales Tax Holiday, so we did some shopping damage here. But 14 different items of clothing for only $72.15?! That's not bad - our receipt says we saved $293.99. Since a lot of things were on clearance, I paid as low as $1.68 for some items. I called my brother while we were out shopping - with him living so far away now, we're still figuring out how we should best communicate. It's a process. :-P But I had had a dream about him the night before, so I definitely felt like I should call and talk to him for a bit.
We headed downtown for lunch because we had some gift cards to use...however, we somehow managed to go to the wrong restaurant. Funny story. We parked a block or two away from Bru Burger Bar. As we neared the restaurant, we realized that neither of us had grabbed the gift card from the glove box. We had figured we might need to run back out to feed the meter anyway, so we decided to just run back over to the car at the end of our meal before we paid. When this time came, and Francisco slipped the card into the check holder, I said 'hmm, is this not the right place? That's a different name.' Guess we went to the wrong burger bar downtown! LOL, well, at least we still had a good lunch.

I started with a Raspberry Lemon Drop, which was super-tasty although I question how much alcohol was actually in it.  For an appetizer, we had the Triple Dip: whipped goat cheese with peppadew pepper jam, edamame hummus with pine nuts, guacamole, and grilled naan bread. Delicious - I loved the goat cheese!  We shared The End Burger - the over easy egg on top really adds a nice creaminess to the burger.
Bru Burger Bar
While we generally have been making a few drinks to have at home on Saturday afternoons, I think we've both been seeing the scale creep up a bit, so...we just shared a bottle of wine instead. So much healthier, right? We watched The 33 and had a nice relaxing evening.
We also put the ice cream maker to use and made a batch of Jeni's Salty Caramel Ice Cream. This came out even better than I thought. We pay $10.00 for a pint of this ice cream when we can find it at the store, so it may actually be a better deal to make it ourselves. Francisco got so excited, he bought a copy of Jeni's cookbook for the Kindle.
And because all the best weekends include random Snapchat fun... #isthatreallywhatI'lllooklikeold


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