7 Continents: 2 Years Later

Nothing beats the excitement of opening the door to the plane on January 23, 2015 and feeling the icy Antarctic wind whip across our faces. We scurried over to the bathroom to change into our weather-proof gear and shortly thereafter, we took a leisurely hike to the beach. It was SUCH an incredible experience that we still get giddy about to this day. You can read about the first day (parts 1 & 2) and the second to relive the excitement.
This will probably always be my proudest accomplishment, so of course I wanted to celebrate it on our 2-year anniversary of traveling to all 7 continents. Last year, we made a meal featuring a dish from all the places that we've been, and we're hoping to make this an annual tradition. Of course, this is made all the easier with a huge international grocery store like Jungle Jim's nearby.

Our Saturday began with a stop there to pick up all of our ingredients.  While it's always a crapshoot if I'm making drinks, the daiquiris I made turned out pretty decent.
I mixed up some drinks and put together our cheese plate while Francisco worked on the flan and Sally Lunn buns.  We didn't want to spend all day preparing food in the kitchen, so we definitely cut corners and picked up some pre-packaged items like this Dubliner cheese from Ireland and Cranberry & Macadamia cream cheese from Australia
So, besides our Australian and European cheese with Puerto Rican [North American] rum to wash it down, we had Asian Vegetable Spring Rolls and Egyptian [African] feta cheese dip.
For dessert, we had flan, which we essentially counted for both South America and Antarctica. My diet in Antarctica seemed to consist largely of flan, namely because they hadn't accounted for us being vegetarian appropriately.
So, after our multi-continental meal, we pulled out some games and pulled up the YouTube. A simple but enjoyable celebration!
AND we had homemade Sally Lunn's buns for breakfast. Not as fluffy and amazing as the real thing, but a trip to Bath, England just wasn't in the cards for the weekend. ;)


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