Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Weekends Made Easy

Admittedly, not going out to eat and sticking to your January resolution is made a lot easier when you're just not feeling well. I had Monday off for MLK Day, so we expected to have a fun lazy weekend and I had ideas in mind, but when my tonsil started hurting on Thursday and persisted all weekend, it quickly turned into a LAZY lazy weekend.

I'm talking I barely left the bed all day Saturday and Sunday. We moved the TV into the bedroom and just watched movie after movie. I honestly am not sure what was wrong with me. I thought I was getting sick, possibly with strep since it was just concentrated in my throat. But it was truly just concentrated in my left tonsil, and it hurt to swallow and yawn. That was it - my only symptom. I tried to flush out my tonsils as much as possible - mine are HUGE and probably just prone to infection because of their size. I feel like 90% better now, so it was pretty strange.

We migrated from the bed to the couch on Monday and were slightly more productive.  I even painted my nails for the first time all year! ;)
Haha, but yeah, mostly it was a lot of time under the blankets with kitties snuggled close by.
Feeling like I was certainly getting sick...probably. But then not. I guess that's the best case scenario, eh? [Unless I've just totally jinxed myself.]


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