America's Oldest Winery

We weren't sure what we were going to do with our Sunday, but it was looking to be a gorgeous fall day, so we decided to take a drive into Kentucky and visit the oldest winery in America.  This is in Augusta, KY, which was a little over an hour from our house. 
The tour begins with a walk-through of the historic house where the history of the winery is recited.  You will learn that the winery was built by German immigrants who settled in the Ohio River Valley in the mid 1800s.
Next we were led to the historic wine cellar.
Wine press
We took turns pushing the wine barrels to see how heavy they were.
Back in the tasting room, we selected which wines we would like to taste and enjoyed our cheese plate.
We ended up trying five different wines and even selected one we liked well enough to take home with us! Francisco promised that he would actually drink it with me, so we'll see. ;-) 

We ended up stopping at Winton Woods near our home on the way back. Fall is my favorite season. Well, my idealized version of fall. I don't actually care much for the very chilly temperatures it brings along with gray skies and rain. But the type of fall you picture when you close your eyes and see vibrant foliage, steam rising from a mug of hot cocoa, apples, pumpkins, fires, all the good parts of fall. :)
Fuzzy caterpillar


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