The Sweetest Weekend

Sweetest Day is totally that holiday that always unexpectedly sneaks up on you. I surreptitiously snuck in a hint to Francisco while we were waiting at Walgreen's for me to get a flu shot. ;-)  I suspect otherwise Francisco would have remained clueless...until the older long-married guy at his work apparently went around the office reminding/informing everyone to celebrate Sweetest Day last weekend.  In either case, Francisco showed up with these beautiful flowers Friday after work.
He then informed me that we had reservations somewhere. We ended up going to Maggiano's. Have you ever taken advantage of their deal on Classic pastas? If you buy one pasta dish, you get another whole dish to take home for free. Holy ravioli, that's a lot of food. We got the Four-Cheese Ravioli and the Mushroom Ravioli al Forno - and we liked it so much, we took home two full orders with us, PLUS our leftovers from our first dish. You can actually pick any dish to take home that you want off the Classic Pasta menu, but these sounded the best. They have mini desserts here, so we selected a few to try: Creme Brulee, Apple Crostada, and Chocolate Zuccotto Cake.
When we got home, Francisco even agreed to have some wine with me. This is very unusual - he usually doesn't care for wine at all!  I opened a new bottle; it was a VineSmoothie, a blend of French Chardonnay, Dutch cream, and 100% all natural Pineapple and Coconut flavor.
This was very, um, interesting. Reminded me of why I generally don't like cream mixed with alcohol. They have recipes on their website so I will have to try those in the future to hopefully make this a bit more palatable.

Saturday we went to see Gravity in IMAX 3D. Very good, suspenseful movie - highly recommended if you haven't seen it yet!
After the movie, we grabbed some pizza at Mt. Adams Pizzeria; this was in a part of town we haven't explored much yet. It was so quaint; I can't wait to return.
While heading out of this part of town, I saw this amazing tree I just had to stop at.  I love cool trees!
The fun continued when we opened our specialty sodas from Jungle Jim's and played the new game that Francisco got us, Zombie Dice. 
We know how to party, right?! Haha, I guess that's what happens when the holiday sneaks up on you.

To round off the weekend, we went to Baker-Bird Winery on Sunday, which you can read about here.  


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