Fall Trip 2013, Day 3 - Southern Outer Banks, NC

It was much more overcast on Sunday as we drove out to the Southern Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Many of the houses we saw were on stilts like this one - I bet this area can get some pretty bad flooding if the wrong storm rolls in!
 We ended up pulling over at Pine Knoll Shores to check out the beach. 
One of the first things that caught Francisco's eye was a couple of dolphin fins out in the water! So hard to get a photo, but we got one of the fins at least. 
 I went to collect sea shells and dig up crabs as I'm wont to do at the beach. 
I got awesome shells here so I was pleased. :)

We drove all the way to the end of the Southern Outer Banks where the weather was definitely worsening.
We had thought about going further up in the Outer Banks, but we had the weather working against us plus the government had closed down a lot of what we had wanted to see...so we decided it was as good of a time as any to turn back.

Short but fun trip to the beach!


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