Love is Autumn-atic

I won a polish giveaway hosted by Pretty & Polished.  They just released their Fall 2013 collection titled Fall in Love.  There are some shades here that just scream fall. I was lucky to end up with Love is Autumn-atic, a glitter polish that is PERFECT for fall. I seriously look at this polish and it reminds me of fall foliage, like admiring a leafy landscape.  
This is a pretty dense glitter, so you could probably get away without a base color, but I decided to paint it on over the glamorous Julep Sienna, a shimmery gold.
 With one thin coat of Love is Autumn'atic, you can still see the base color underneath.

With two easy coats, more of the base is colored.

And here is a close-up shot of one nail.


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