Tomoson Review: UGLee Ergonomic Pen

The UGLee pen is an ergonomic pen invented by Dr. James Lee. And if you're wondering where the heck a name like UGLee comes from, you can thank the good doctor for this:
Pen by Dr. James

Now the big selling point behind an ergonomic pen is that it's good for everyone who writes. Even in this day and age where you probably do more texting and typing than writing anything out by hand, chances are you might need to jot down a grocery list, scrawl a quick note, or sign your name. Of course, this pen is especially geared towards anyone who experiences pain or discomfort when writing.

Thankfully, I don't normally experience discomfort when writing (unless I'm in extensive handwritten note-taking mode, which isn't often since finishing college), but I do hand-write grocery lists, to-do lists, gentle reminder post-its for the husband, etc. :)

I received these three UGLee pens from Tomoson.  
So, first things first, full disclosure: I kind of hold pens weird. Like to the point where if someone is watching me write, they tend to comment on it. So, I tried to take some pictures of me holding a pen from a few different angles. 
I don't know - I guess I was daydreaming that day in kindergarten and just decided to go my own way with things. ;-) That being said, I didn't notice any increased comfort while writing, so since my husband holds his pen like a normal person, I encouraged him to try this product throughout his work day. Afterwards we discussed our experiences and we both agreed that this wasn't the most ideal pen for us. He commented that it seems like more of a pen for a middle-schooler, and I think that pretty much nails it.  Or even high school or college-aged kids. With the aesthetic, it does seem more appropriate for a younger demographic.  The company also points out that it can be helpful for special-needs children who have difficulty holding a pen properly. 

It's a lightweight pen (weighing in at 11 grams) and the detailed contours allow the pen to be easily and lightly gripped. If you're looking for a lightweight pen that could make writing more comfortable for you, this could be the perfect product!

For more information on the UGLee pen, check out their Facebook or Twitter page:
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