Painting with Magnets

Magnetic nails can be really hit or miss. I have a couple in my collection from Layla - like every other magnetic polish I've seen, these come with a magnet built into the lid. You paint your nails then hold the magnet over your nails to create a design. This can be easier said then done because it's hard to hold the lid at exactly the same position for each nail if you want a consistent design and it is way too easy to end up bumping your nail with the magnet and having to repaint. My husband got me a China Glaze magnet earlier this year (or possibly last Christmas?) that makes this task easier - the magnet rests on your finger more naturally and you get a greater variety of designs.  Some designs just come out better than others - the starburst in the last picture below tends to be my favorite.

It's been a long time since I've picked up any new magnetic nail polish, but this bottle of FingerPaints 'Steel of the Night' and a China Glaze magnet were on clearance at Sally Beauty, calling my name. 

The pattern on my index finger and pinky was made using the magnet that came with the FingerPaints bottle.  My ring and middle finger used the China Glaze magnet. I think it's apparent that the China Glaze magnet is stronger. Or perhaps just easier to hold so it makes the pattern come out more pronounced.

On my other hand I focused on the starburst pattern.
Magnetic nail polish can be a relatively quick and easy way to add variety to your manicure. It can take practice to get the exact look you want, but I'd have to say it's one of the easier 'nail art' options out there.  I've seen comments from others complaining that magnetic nail polish doesn't work for them - if you've tried and not had much luck, it's likely your technique and not the product. Try a thicker coat of polish or a different magnet. When I picked up this bottle at Sally Beauty, one of the store employees actually told me that magnetic nail polish doesn't work on her because she has an iron deficiency. o.O  I've definitely not heard that excuse before.


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