Alaska, and Australia, and Hawaii! Oh My!

I've been wanting to purchase a custom canvas for a while, and this Groupon deal finally convinced me. There were a few different options, both from Groupon and other vendors, but we ultimately went with the 36"x24" custom triptych canvas, comprised of three 12"x24" panels. It was $59 with free shipping, and it regularly has a list price of $407. 

OK, one decision down; now for the hard part.

We went through all of our pictures from fairly recent trips and have tried to narrow it down to our top five so we can make a final decision.  Francisco did his part, but I'm stuck at ten.

Alaska Cruise/Iceberg:

Australia Great Ocean Road:

 Australia, Sydney Harbor Bridge & Opera House:

 Hawaii Sun Shots:

After selecting my five, ahem, 10 options, I checked Francisco's selections. we had three overlapping (the larger photos above).  Plus, he had these two additional from our Alaska trip.

Oh, decisions, decisions!  Hopefully, we can come to a consensus and see how our custom canvas looks.


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