Glitter Pots

I tried glitter pots for the first time on Sunday. I bought these off of eBay for $1.99 with free shipping; of course, that meant they were coming from some foreign country in Asia, but I still received the item in about 2 weeks. 

Sadly, the purple glitter had come open during transit and spilled inside the package, but there's still some left in the pot.  Pretty good deal overall.

So, they didn't turn out fantastic, but at least I learned for next time!  I can be very impatient, and I don't like to wait for very long in between coats.  When I missed a spot and needed to do touch-ups, I ended up getting the glitter on too thick on those nails.  

I also got my Stila 'all you need is love' blush in the mail. I saw this on for $14 and I needed new blush anyway, but it was sold out. And it was sold out on Amazon, too. But Nordstrom had it in stock at the same price - plus, I didn't have to hit a minimum order amount to get free shipping, so that was exciting! 


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