I bought a deal from DealChicken - very similar to Groupon except it seems to have featured deals in more limited locations. And a lot of their deals involve a purchase of two gift certificates that have to be used separately, effectively forcing you to return to the vendor at least twice. Ha, which we've been burned by more than once after visiting a couple of places that we had absolutely NO desire to return to (*cough, cough* Big Apple Bagels).

Anyhow, food deals can be hard for me to resist, and Christo's was decent the last time I was there, so I laid down my $10 for two $10 certificates to Christo's. I stopped there for dinner last night, and neither me nor my husband were terribly hungry, so we just shared a couple of appetizers, Greek Fries and Fried Green Beans.
Greek Fries

Fried Green Beans

After munching for a while and discussing career goals (he's still in the midst of job-searching...), we had eaten maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of each plate. And I was stuffed. But unsatisfied. I started thinking about doing like a really healthy eating kick - aim for three weeks of five-star healthy living (a la 21 Days Later!).  Cuz' I left Christo's just feeling not good - not even bad, just ugh. Like already regretful of eating all that fried nutritionally-deficient grub. The food was fine, but it certainly wasn't worth the boatload of calories I'm sure we consumed. 

Of course, I have another $10 to spend at Christo's - I think I will check out their breakfast selection next. 


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