What About Bob?

Lately, my show of choice has been the Biggest Loser. This is the first time I've actually seen the show even though my brother got me a Biggest Loser workout DVD in Christmas 2011. To this day, it is one of my toughest workouts. It features 3 cardio sessions of increasing intensity; the first one is led by Bob Harper, one of the main trainers on the show, and he leads a 20-minute workout that leaves every muscle sore for a good couple days afterwards. 

This Christmas, I opened a present from my brother to find another Bob Harper workout DVD. This comically elicited a comment from my husband of "you little a$$hole" as he realized that they had both picked out the same gift for me.  I had put new workout DVDs on my Wish List but specifically commented that I wanted something I could do that wasn't too tough. Neither of them listened. 

Bob Harper is TOUGH.

My gift actually comes with 4 DVDs, and the Total Trainer Plus DVD alone contained like 5 separate workouts. It's full body conditioning - every single workout contained some element of cardio and strength training.  It's a really good value for all the workouts you get.  Some of them clock in at over an hour though, which is not ideal because I always work out first thing in the morning, and I only have 30 - 40 minutes to devote to exercise before I end up running late to get ready for work.  
Just this week, I finished trying ALL of the workouts, so now I'm going to make some labels to stick on the inside cover. I record the total length and the supplies I need (Weights, Exercise Mat, etc.) along with the focus of the workout (Cardio, Abs, etc.), so I have a quick reference guide before I start my workout and can have everything on hand.


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