Chicago Food Trip

Strangest conversation with my brother last week...
Exact transcript:
Me: "Hi brotha.  What are you doing this weekend? We were thinking of coming up there."
Brother: "This weekend? Why, I'm hanging out with my sister when she comes to visit, of course. Be warned that it is freezing."
Me: "Anything in specific you would be up for doing?  You know us, we're always up for anything. :)"
Brother: "Want to go shopping for expensive/fancy chocolate shops? Maybe shopping while we're out, malls or IKEA?" 

This is very peculiar and unlike his normal apathetic self. I forwarded the message to Francisco, who responded, "I think he might be on the drugs."  Indeed - if only he could be this upbeat more often! I love my little brother and miss him dearly. :)

So, we threw together a list of places we would be interested in checking out and turned Saturday into a self-made Chicago food tour. Our first stop was Glazed and Infused, an amazing-sounding doughnut shop. Solid start to the day.  They even came by with a tray of free samples with the cutest mini donuts. I sampled a mini Blueberry-Lemon Cake and then tried the special doughnut for the day, which featured rosemary infused caramel with dark chocolate, sea salt, and a homemade marshmallow from Katherine Anne Confections (another place we happened to stop by later that day!).

Doughnut selection - Maple Bacon Long John for you bacon lovers. :)

Reviewed here: Yelp - Glazed and Infused

Next place on the tour was Terry's Toffee. I was immediately impressed by their sample selection.

Check this out and tell me how you could NOT be impressed:

They seriously had like every single flavor available for sampling, and I tried more than a few. Not EVERY one, but I definitely had a fair sampling.

We purchased a small box of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Toffee, and they were selling small bags of Naked Toffee at the counter for a couple bucks, so we also bought Lemon Paradise Naked Toffee.

Reviewed here: Yelp - Terry's Toffee

Next was a failed attempt to go to Vosges Haut Chocolat. Our first address was misleading - the shop was either closed or the address was just wrong - so we changed course and went to another location. Wandered around and weren't really seeing prices on much of anything. But we got the sense it was a little out of price range. Onwards....

Katherine Anne Confections was considerably more affordable (with more straight-forward pricing), which thrilled my brother as he was hell-bent on coming home with some delicious truffles. We hand-selected our truffles of choice.

I had had my fill of sweets, so lunch at  BadHappy Poutine Shop was next on the agenda.

My brother had never heard of poutine, so we explained that its a Canadian dish of french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.  He was like "ew, gross". All the more reason to take him there and force him to try it! ;-)  And he loved it, of course!

BadHappy Poutine
Reviewed here: Yelp - BadHappy Poutine Shop

We tried a couple of other stops, but nothing really panned out. Ended up wrapping up the day at the new Chicago Diner location at Logan Square. Amazing food there, as usual!


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