Snow Cake, Snow Cat

While the rest of the world was celebrating the Super Bowl, I celebrated my cat's birthday! He is, after all, wayyy more awesome than football. ;-) Plus, I don't actually get any TV channels, so I couldn't have tuned in at home if I wanted.

 Zharo is my youngest cat (out of two), and he turned two years old this month. To celebrate, my husband made a Cherry Obsession Snow Cake while I was at work on Friday and he was nice enough to take pictures to document its creation. It was actually supposed to be a Cranberry cake, but he had no luck in tracking down cranberries so he went with the next best thing.

We were both flabbergasted at the amount of butter that went into this cake!

Here is just the butter for the buttercream frosting!  

The final product turned out looking really nice, but the frosting was definitely too rich for my tastes. I'm not a big fan of frosting, so this wasn't surprising to me.  


 And here's the birthday boy after we took him outside to get some fresh air (and snow!). Sadly, he spent most of his birthday weekend sleeping, but at least we had a delicious cake to enjoy for him!


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