Happy Valentine's Day!!  I love random at home dinner parties, and the husband has learned this after watching one too many episodes of Come Dine With Me...with me. I came home from work yesterday super migraine-y, but I still lit up when I saw this table.

A relatively simple plate, but everything was still really tasty.  The main entree was a Celebration Field Roast, which is a delicious vegan mock roast. We tried it once during our 21-day vegan experiment when we stocked up at the Sunspot Natural Market. We also had mashed cauliflower (which I vastly prefer over mashed potatoes) and roasted asparagus and mushrooms. 

He always warns me to save room for dessert, but dinner is usually sooo good, that's next to impossible!   

Of course, when these came out, it's not like anything was going to stop me from devouring them. He made some beautiful cupcakes, right? 

Ha! His food may taste delicious, but I have never seen anything that looks this amazing come from our kitchen! ;-)

Alas, another show he was frequently forced to watch was DC Cupcakes, which features Georgetown Cupcake - and these ladies make some amazing treats!  Now I finally had the honor of trying them!

You know, I was in DC a couple years back, and I am pretty sure I passed this store, but the line was too long and I had never heard of the show, so I opted to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes instead. Oh, how I kick myself for that decision. Not that Sprinkles was a bad decision, know how it is once you see something on TV, LOL!

I sampled four of the flavors last night, but I still have 8 more to go!!


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