Go Reds

So, ironically, I have seen both Cincinnati teams play before but not in Cincinnati. I went to a Cubs v. Reds game in Chicago and a Colts v. Bengals game in Indy. I'm pretty sure Cincinnati won both times, so I like to think I brought the city good luck. ;-) So, this month I finally saw my first Reds game in Cincy! Francisco won free tickets at work, so we were excited to see our first game.

My first goal was to find a hot dog, so we headed up to the upper level in search of a veggie dog.
This required the longest escalator ride ever...
...but worth it! I basically got a hot dog covered in all the things because...why not?
We actually had pretty good seats.
We left a little early since it was a school work night, so it was good to beat the crowds. And I have since scolded Francisco every time I look at the pictures for not letting me bring the DSLR cuz' the quality of these iPhone pics is lammmme.
And the Reds won against the Phillies! We do have a theory that if we end up seeing the Bengals play the Eagles, we're probably going to end up moving to Philadelphia next. ;)


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