Anniversary #7

We celebrated our 7th anniversary this year, actually nearly three months ago at this point, but obviously I'm a slacker. :-P Similar to last year, we decided to celebrate with 7 ideas.

1. Copper & Wool
Copper has a traditional meaning of prosperity, good luck, and good fortune, while wool represents comfort, durability, security, and warmth. Interestingly enough, I went with the copper gift, an inscribed wallet insert...
...and Francisco went with the oh-so-romantic gift of wool hiking socks. :D
2. O Pie O
I had heard of this delightful sounding pie place in town, so I set off for us to find their stand at Findlay Market one weekend morning. My husband loves him some pie, so I thought some fresh, local pie would really hit the spot. But they were sold out by the time we made it there. The next time we tried, they were sold out again. Finally, Francisco made the magic happen, heading out early in the morning to be there right when they opened so we would be sure to score a couple of pies.
He came home with an apple pie and a Honey Vinegar pie. That Honey Vinegar pie really took us by surprise - not knowing what to expect, we both ended up loving it.

3. A Tavola
Now, you don't need to know my husband very long to know that that man could live off pizza. So, I tried to find a variation of pizza around town that was unique, maybe a little more upscale. I settled on A Tavola, which features handmade wood-fired pizza.  We started our meal with the most delicious Eggplant Sliders. I'm not even a big eggplant fan, and I was smitten. For our main course, we went with the Brussels Sprout pizza, which featured EVOO + Brussels Sprouts + Caramelized Onions + Fontina.  
4. Cell Phone Case
On a whim, I had a cell phone case made for Francisco that features a picture of a penguin we had snapped while in Antarctica.
5. FranDay
Who wouldn't love a day that is totally decided by YOU?
While some people might drag you to the theater or to their favorite restaurant, the pic below pretty much sums up our day. A lotta lazy lounging, and of course, pizza.  Toppers Mac 'N Cheese and California Topper pizza, to be exact.
6. Sleepy Bee
So, how 'bout another restaurant? You know we eat a lot around here. :) We're not exactly breakfast people; I'm known to be content with leftover Mexican food, but sometimes a good pancake hits the spot.  We visited this fabulous breakfast spot a couple months ago and both really enjoyed it. Sleepy Bee takes a lot of inspiration from  its namesake, and features a menu that strikes a "balance between traditional comfort foods made with locally sourced ingredients, healthy options and bright flavors".  OK, I am so seriously wanting a pancake right now.
7. Red River Gorge
My health as of late has put a damper in most travel plans, so we decided to just venture a little further into Kentucky and visit a destination I've suggested to Francisco time and time again. The scenery here was spectacular, and he really enjoyed getting out and doing some hiking here.  
We definitely ended up staggering our celebrating, but as I'm sure you well know, life can always be relied upon to throw you random curve balls. This has been a big year for us, celebrating 7 years of marriage, 7 continents under our belt...we might still have a few ideas up our sleeve yet. :D


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