Taste of Cincinnati 2015

This is our second year in a row making it to the Taste of Cincinnati, and each time has been wonderful! The weather was almost perfect, so we headed out excited to stuff our bellies with as much good food as we could fit.
 And stuff ourselves we certainly did! I think we ate more food than last year.
From top, left to right:

Last year, Marty's Waffles won my vote, but this year, I was kind of disappointed in it. The waffle was too thick, and the whipped cream - well, if you're a bourbon lover, you're probably happy.  We started out strong with us both loving the Goat Cheese Cheesecake as well as the Pad Thai Vegetable. That one really took us by surprise since we don't eat much (or any) Thai food. THAT may need to change. 

We still enjoyed exploring Food Truck Alley and the Taste Experience - and taking in the view of the P&G Headquarters while we filled up.  
On our way out, we loaded up on some freebies and managed to squeeze some more food in.  
 There is so much yummy food in this city, and I love trying it all out!


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