May 2015 Disposables

Holy smokes, May was a productive products month! :P Last month, I had made a deal with myself that I could keep both of my box subscriptions if I used up a certain number of products each month. Ironically, I ended up not receiving my GLOSSYBOX this month; for some reason, it was returned to sender, and customer service offered to either refund my money or send it back once they received it. I didn't feel like waiting, so I just took the refund.
1, 2, 3. Bath & Body Works lotions emptied.
4. Sample of Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion - love the idea of multi-tasking products that allow you to apply your lotion while you soap up.
5. Sample of Paula's Choice Body Butter that came with my last order.
6. Herbal Essences Body Wash 
7. This Tone body wash came in a BzzAgent package last year.
1. This Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub was a good daily exfoliator.
2. I bought this make-up remover in a gift pack at Kohl's, and it is definitely not good for removing stubborn make-up. You would still have to scrub at your eyes to remove all of your eye make-up. However, I've been using it in the morning to touch up around my eyes after I apply my eye make-up, and it works fine for a limited use like that. Good thing, cuz' I still have another bottle to get through!
3. This clay mask came in my May Birchbox. There wasn't a whole lot of product, so I used it up in maybe three applications.
4. This pre-cleanse oil came in my February 2014 Sample Society box, and it was one of my fave products. It worked really well to dissolve much of my make-up before using regular face wash.
5. This serum came in my October 2013 Sample Society box - not a stand-out product for me.
6. This L'oreal sample was interesting, although a bigger size would have been easier to evaluate.
7. From my September 2014 Sample Society box, these self-tanning towelettes are effective, but I still struggle to get a streak-free application.
8. Biore nose strips - eye-watering but effective!
9. I just don't love masks or eye patches that you stick on your face, so there eye patches from my March 2014 Ipsy bag were not a preferred product of mine.
1. I received Strand Maximizer for a review, but it is not a product that ended up working well for me.
2. This Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo was a favorite of mine. I'd long since used up the accompanying conditioner, so I used this shampoo on deep conditioning days with products like...
3. This Argan Oil Hair Mask.  Worked decently well.
4. I used this hair oil as a pre-shower treatment for dry ends.
5. I originally received this Dry Shampoo in an Influenster box back in December 2013.
6. This mousse has probably been in my arsenal for as long as I can remember, and the nozzle has probably been broken for nearly as long. It smelled wonderful, but it wasn't an all-star mousse to me.
7. Another Crabtree & Evelyn conditioner used up, a "souvenir" from China.
8. This CC Cream was last reviewed in my May 2014 Glossybox. It probably didn't offer as much hold as I tend to prefer in my hair products.
9. Repairing Conditioner sample from my last L'Occitane order.
1. I remember that this was the first Nails Inc. polish I ever purchased - with proceeds from a return to Sephora. Alas, now it is dried out and beyond rescue.
2. This mascara originally came in my August 2013 ipsy bag, and I found it to be incredibly long-lasting.
3. This eyelash conditioner was all dried out by the time I opened it to give it a try. :(
4. This BB Cream originally came in my March 2014 Sample Society box, but I appreciate a product that helps control oil a little better.
5. I received and used up this fresh fragrance in May.

FINAL RESULTS: 29!! Record beaten! May was an outstanding month, and I think I definitely used up more products than average.  


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