Battle of the Pixies

Well, not quite.  Battle of the textures would be more accurate...but pixies battling sounds funnier.

Zoya recently had a free shipping offer with any nail polish purchase. I decided it was time to try one of their PixieDust polishes. I had kind of wanted one for a while, but I was a bit put off by some of the pictures. The ones on their website especially look...fake, or doctored. I had a feeling that this just might be a polish that was hard to properly capture in pictures and I would like it better in person. 

Yup, that was pretty much exactly the case. I picked the Stevie shade cuz' I loves purple. :) It's a matte, textured, sparkly polish. And no, pictures do not do it justice.   

zoya stevie

I know that these two pictures aren't the best, but I think the first one below captures the texture pretty well, and the second one captures the sparkle. 

zoya stevie
I only own one other textured polish, Sally Hansen Bubble Plum - I found it on clearance at Target a little while ago. This is a deeper purple, and it's still a matte texture - just without the sparkliness of the Pixies.

The verdict: the sparklies definitely make this a win for Zoya. 


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