What Tops Food Trucks?

Last Thursday we went to this Food Truck Caravan at the Whole Foods Market in Mason, OH. This was presented by the Cincinnati Night Owl Market, and it seemed like a good opportunity to try something new for dinner and get some shopping at Whole Foods out of the way. 

Our first stop was the C'est Cheese food truck where we tried the So Gouda, which was (as the name suggests) so good(a). Then we back-tracked back to Bones' Burgers for some fries. They were really good, too - perfectly seasoned. 

Back in West Lafayette, one of my favorite pizza places was Toppers Pizza. Then they closed. :( Then I moved, and lo and behold, there's a Toppers in Cincinnati. :)  What I love about Toppers is they have Myzas, which are basically "my-sized" pizzas. I always order the Mac 'N Cheese, and Francisco always orders the California Topper - and then we trade half. Both are soo good, and they pair perfectly together. 

And finally, to wrap up a fun week, I used a nail dotting tool to create this subtle look. The colors were a little light compared to the blue base, but overall, I really liked it, and I would do something like this again. 

But after a couple days, I wanted to change it, and I ended up with this, which I don't like as much. 
It's been a fun week - Cheesecake Factory, kayaking, food trucks, etc. And I'm no longer terrorized about going out to the deck. Francisco pointed out something weird on the side of the house when we were having dinner on the deck recently. I looked at it and pondered for a second - and then I realized it was a wasp nest! I remember that my brother had pointed them out to me before when we were at a park.

I turned to trusty Google for more information and confirmed that this was the home of the Organ pipe mud dauber. So, these wasps sting spiders, paralyze them, and deposit them in the mud nests that they build. They they lay an egg and close up the compartment. When the eggs hatch, the babies eat the spiders. Everything I was reading almost had me convinced to leave the nest there - these wasps aren't aggressive and they collect potentially dangerous spiders. I decided to knock on the side of the nest with some wood to see how hard these things actually were.  A chunk of the mud crumbled down, and there were all these spider legs sticking out. Very large spider legs! Very creepy.

It made me a little sad when the mud daubers came back later looking for their nest and spider collections and babies in the making. But dammit, I want to be able to enjoy my deck. And I can't do that with creepy spiders encased in little tombs. So, please, mud daubers, you are welcome to collect any creepy spiders from my yard, but please bring them to somebody else's house - or at least, not my deck!  


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