KBShimmer Surprise

The husband decided to surprise me with two lovely shades of KBShimmer - ok, I may or may not have snuck in a tip that they were having a sale. And requested that if he happened to pick anything out for me, I could use a bottle of their Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat as well. But he picked these two lovely shades out by himself - Sugar Plum Faerie and Berry Patch.

As is typically the case with these types of polishes, without topcoat, you are looking at a kind of lumpy texture. 
But then you topcoat, and you are looking at  this gorgeous shade of Sugar Plum Faerie. A good topcoat will make all the difference with these polishes. And they are worth it!
kbshimmer sugar plum faerie
Lighting: Sunlight
Lighting: Shade
The lesson I think I need to take to heart with these nail polishes is an 'under' shade is almost essential. I did 4-5 coats to reach this level of opacity. But on my thumbs I did a layer of a purple creme and just a couple of coats of Sugar Plum Faerie on top. Similar looking but less layers.

So, when I went to try Berry Patch, I started with a coat of Color Club Pardon My French right off the bat. I think this color ended up complementing Berry Patch perfectly.   

Lighting: Sunlight
Lighting: Shade
This polish is a lot less lumpy, but it is a lot less glittery as well, so that makes sense. 


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