Glitter Guilty

Occasionally, the temptation becomes too great to resist, and I end up subscribing to another monthly box. :-P Glitter Guilty. This is an indie brand that makes and sells nail polish.  You can subscribe to their Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box, which includes one full size polish, your "Monthly Me" made specifically according to your profile. When signing up, you type in which colors you like and don't like. You can be as specific as you want to hopefully end up with a polish you really like. You will also receive a "Monthly Mini", a mini nail polish that goes out to everyone, as well as a guilty pleasure or two.    

My Pleasures box came on Saturday, and here is what it included.  My full-size polish was called Violet Vixen, and it came packaged in the little pink bag below.  State Fair was the monthly mini. My extra guilty pleasure was the Razzleberry-Apple Cotton Candy. 

glitter guilty

Since I have more of the Violet Vixen, I painted the majority of my nails that color and used State Fair as the accent nail.  Obviously, I put down purple as one of my favorite colors. ;-)  There is a TON of glitter in Violet Vixen.  Both are jelly polishes, so it took three coats each to reach this level of opacity - and you can see that it is still a little sheer - and two coats of top coat to even it out.  Next time I would apply a purple polish base and use Violet Vixen as a topper.   

glitter guilty
I also wanted to toss in this picture holding the smaller bottle (State Fair). You can see how closely the color in the bottle matches the color on my finger.  I ended up liking State Fair better - the formula was more smooth and the color combination seemed more unique.  

glitter guilty

Glitter Guilty Likes: My box arrived early in the month, unlike Birchbox and Ipsy, which come a couple weeks in.  I received this on the 3rd.  You can indicate exactly what you like, which is really good. I like that my first box came with a guilty pleasure from an etsy shop, Sweetopia Cotton Candy. It's always nice to support small businesses.   

Glitter Guilty Dislikes: When you select your nail polish preferences, you are literally typing them in. I think I would have preferred a checklist or a scale or something.  I only ended up typing in a few colors - the ones I really like (purple and teal) and the ones I really dislike (green and yellow).  It's $15.99 a month, which is the most I've paid for a subscription box.  It looks like a full-size polish retails for $8, so assuming the mini retails for half that, that's $12 for the two nail polishes.  $2 for the cotton candy bonus. $3.25 for shipping, according to the rates on her website. So, maybe $17.25? Other boxes tend to be better value for the cost.

Bottom Line: I won't be purchasing next month's box. As tempting as it is, the value doesn't justify the cost for me.  BUT maybe once I get some more disposable income, I'll reconsider joining.  Glittery nail polish personalized for you once a month is pretty hard to resist!


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