Going Dotty

I decided to attempt this dot gradient, and I think it came out pretty decent.  The blue dots are a little hard to see, so if I did it again, I would try to find a better color combination. I had played with a few different combos, and this was the best one out of those. 

First picture with flash; Second without
A couple of weekends ago, I had picked up a small set of Candie's nail polishes that were on clearance. It was $6.00 for four small bottles. For this second look, I used 'Jump for Jade' as the base - it was like a smoky teal color.  The dots on my accent nail are 'Sandy Star'.

First picture: Outside shade; Second: Sunlight

Overall, I liked the look - it was subtle and fairly easy. 

I liked it so much, that when I decided to paint over 'Jump for Jade' with KBShimmer's 'Don't Teal Anyone', I left the accent nail. ;-)  I wasn't sure how much I would like 'Don't Teal Anyone' - I was worried it might lean too green based on the color in the bottle. Depending on the lighting, it leaned more green or more blue, but I still liked it overall. I only used one coat, so I mostly got the micro-glitters, but there are larger glitter pieces in there. It applied easily and wasn't too think or lumpy. 

Inside near window


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