Shower Trials

I started a few product trials this week. First of all, there's this body pod.

I usually just use body wash in the shower, so this has been fun to use.  The purple side is rougher, so I use that for exfoliation.  It smells good, and the scent is strong - it will linger in the hallway outside the bathroom for a while, and I can still detect the smell on my skin at least a couple hours after showering.  It has an almost laundry detergent-y smell, but in a good way.  The white side is starting to pill already though after just a few uses. 

Next up is this shampoo. Interestingly, it came with a water hardness test strip. I've tested a few different shampoos in the past, and I think this is the first water hardness test I've done.  I don't love the smell of this shampoo, but the worst part is that it's just the shampoo I'm testing - no conditioner.  Usually tests like these come in a set. My hair is on the long side, so I need much more conditioner and tend to go through that more quickly than shampoo.

I'm starting another BzzAgent campaign, but I haven't picked up the product yet. It's for a bottle of Concannon Vineyard Wine - hopefully, Francisco can stop at Kroger on the way home from work and pick up a bottle of Moscato this afternoon. :)


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