Tomoson OOFOS Sandals and Clogs Review (Unisex)

It's summertime, and I've gotta say, most of my sandals have seen better days! Talk about a great time to try out OOFOS Sandals! #feeltheOO
First, let's take a look at what makes OOFOS special.

What is OOFOS footwear?
- OOFOS footwear is powered by the innovative and proprietary OOfoam technology combined with their patented footbed design
- A unique combination of a proprietary foam compound and an innovative foot-bed design result in a glorious sensation that has to be felt to be believed

Leader in the Recovery Market
• 37% more shock absorption than any other foam material currently being used in the footwear market.
• With each step OOFOAM disperses your body’s impact to the side of the shoe, rather than coming up back through your body.
• Allows the body to recover after athletic activity. Endurance athletes in particular benefit from the well-designed massaging footbed. 
• Countless testimonials on their social media sites from people who have found relief from plantar fasciitis and other foot pain thanks to wearing OOFOS.

Recovery Shoes not “flip-flops”
• OOFOS footwear are not sandals or flip-flops. They are shoes that integrate a revolutionary foam technology that makes yOO feel better!
• Flip Flops are a generic term for a style of shoe that are sold everywhere. In many instances some “flip flops” are not recommended by the medical community due to issues some consumers have come to develop with their feet. 

OOFOS footwear actually offers benefits to the consumer.
• Yes, our styles of footwear were launched in a thong style, a slide style and a clog. The reason for this was it was the most economical way to deliver product to our consumers so we could allow as many people as possible to experience the OOFOAM technology and appreciate the great benefits of our footwear.

- OOFOS are made from our proprietary OOfoam technology- meaning it is the only material like it in the world

- Feel the cushion and arch support. Long lasting cushioning and support. 

Doesn’t break down with wear
- Wet surfaces- great traction on water surfaces
- Shoes made of closed cell foam that prevents anything from penetrating the material, Machine washable

History of OOFOS
• OOFOS was started with a renowned foam chemist in Korea. The chemist has been making foam material for all of the major athletic brands for years. He made foam for athletic shoes, football helmets and other applications. His mother was suffering from arthritis and using a cane, so he set out to create an impact absorption foam that would alleviate the pressure on the body when people are not exercising. He developed a footwear foam material and the results were incredible. His mother’s pain was gone when she was standing and walking. His factory workers pain was eliminated when they were standing on their feet all day. 
• This is where the OOFOS team came in and joined with the chemist to study/test the material more. Through the testing we created a biomechanically designed footbed that maximizes what this pioneering foam material could offer consumers to make their bodies feel better. The patented footbed design offers arch support that customizes to the foot of the consumer, whether they have a low arch or high arch - thus offering them the proper support and alignment for their bodies. Combining this with the innovative impact absorption properties, and softness of the material, consumers repeatedly told us that OOFOS footwear made them feel better! 
• Every time we tested our product during the development stage, our testers would smile and say “OOOHHH”. This is where the name came from and our tag line was created - Feel The OO! The OOFOS brand launched at the end of 2011 in the US marketplace.
• Athletes and fitness enthusiasts from all areas use the benefits of OOFOS footwear and OOfoam technology as a recovery product to make them feel better before and after exercise. The impact absorption properties allow the body to relax, rebuild and recover faster. OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more of the bodies impact that EVA (the foam most commonly found in athletic shoes and other footwear with foam material). This means 37% less impact is coming back up through your body. The impact is being absorbed and dissipated out through the OOFOS footbed and OOfoam technology.
The point that really stood out to me was: "The patented footbed design offers arch support that customizes to the foot of the consumer, whether they have a low arch or high arch - thus offering them the proper support and alignment for their bodies." I have high arches that can get very sore after little time spent on my feet. I'm sure this was exasperated by prolonged periods of time wearing flip-flops over many summers. And while these shoes may look similar, they are "Recovery Shoes not “flip-flops”". As promised, I definitely did feel more arch support as I wore these shoes around the house to do some household chores. After several hours of wear, the rubber of the strap was starting to rub on my foot and it was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. I probably wouldn't wear these shoes for an extended period of time if I was planning to do a good deal of walking around. While they did offer more support than other sandals I have worn, I tend to prefer a pair of tennis shoes that hug my feet better and provide overall support. However, these are great to slip on in a pinch and still get decent foot support.

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