November Disposables

Following in the steps of my October Disposables post, here is a quick recap of the products I used up in November.
1. I received this mask in a blogger giveaway. Based on the individual packaging, I was expecting a sheet mask, but it is a liquid mask that dries and then you peel off. It had a strong chemical smell, but it peeled off gently enough.
2. This second mask came in my October Glossybox.
3. This moisturizer has come into my hands a few times, the first time being my May 2014 Ipsy bag. It's a decent light moisturizer.
4. This mask came in my Influenster J'Adore box that I reviewed back in February. Okay mask, but I don't love the smell of clay masks.
5. This make-up remover dates back to a Birchbox from last year. It's not a heavy duty remover - better for removing faint traces of make-up.
6. I sampled this mud mask via a promotion a few months ago. I pulled it out again, and it was growing mold! Definitely time to toss - even though you wouldn't have expected it to go bad after such a short timeframe?!
7. This seems to be my default moisturizer that I have ended up purchasing countless times over.  
8. This cleansing gel came with the Dermalogica Precleanse sample in my February Sample Society box.  
9. I think I got the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing system last winter, so I figured it was about time to toss this brush head.
10. I first tried this Microfoliant about a year ago in my December box. Great alternative to harsher exfoliants.
11. A freebie that came with my last Paula's Choice purchase.
1. This body butter originally came in my June Glossybox - not my favorite scent but a decent moisturizer.
2. This hand salve came in a little gift set that my husband gave me. It's very thick and takes a while to absorb - great for very dry skin!
3. This whitening pen sat in my desk drawer for way too long than is probably sanitary.
1. I first tried this conditioner treatment back in March 2013 as part of a BzzAgent campaign. It was okay but not the most nourishing conditioner I've ever used.
2. Decent dry shampoo.
3. I first tried this hair mask back in my February Sample Society box. It was too heavy for my hair and just left me feeling greasy, so I ended up using it in place of shaving cream.
4/5. I finished up the shampoo and conditioner from the Color Assure Multi-pack.  

Final Results: 19 products down - just a couple fewer than last month.  I would probably consider repurchasing 7 and 10 from the Face Products section at some point. I've liked most of the Dermalogica products I've sampled, and Olay has always been reliable.


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