Dent Schoolhouse

I pretty much love all things scary. I drive my husband crazy wanting to watch all scary movies, all the time.  He's generally, oh, less than tolerable of this. But occasionally, he does surprise, and he'll go out of his way to do something like purchasing tickets to The Dent Schoolhouse for us.
Dent Schoolhouse
This is considered Cincinnati's scariest haunted attraction, and it has received a number of awards, including the #1 spot on Buzzfeed's list of 19 Insane Haunted Houses and it's been featured on the Travel Channel, HGTV, and the Huffington Post. The Dent Schoolhouse was built in 1894. Several of the School's students began disappearing between 1942-1952 and people started noticing an odd smell coming from the basement. Charlie McFree, the School's janitor, convinced everyone that it was just backed up pipes. In 1955, 7 more children disappeared, and the smell in the basement started again.  A mob formed and broke into the basement, where they found the rotting corpses of the missing students. No one was able to find Charlie the Janitor. Now the school is haunted by the ghosts of the murdered children, and Charlie's still looking for more victims. Or so the legend goes...

We grabbed dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill before heading over to the Dent Schoolhouse on a Friday night, so it was already 8:30 by the time we got there and the line was fairly lengthy. We probably had about an hour wait. 
Dent Schoolhouse
They had a couple of screens up with videos playing, so that helped to pass the time in line. Plus, there were characters walking around to interact with the crowd.
After the "first" line, you take a group photo with whomever you're visiting with and then move through the next part of the line, which is built around the Fall Festival theme.
So, an hour or so worth of waiting later, was it worth it? For me...well, I'm glad we finally made it to this star attraction, but I doubt I'd ever spend the time to go again. I think haunted attractions like these boil down to what you make of your time there. Do you like to be scared and want to milk every moment of it? Then you'll probably love it. I'm not an easy scare - although there was one spot inside the schoolhouse that made me give a short yell. Let's just say that some of the actors come at you from unexpected angles.

The couple behind us was terrified. In fact, the guy was literally gripping the back of my jacket through much of the school. This place makes use of a lot of the classic horror house elements, including that dreaded chain saw. At this point, I barely even glance up. After you exit the school, there is a maze out back to go through. There are also a handful of port-a-potties. Hearing maze, I thought we'd be lost for a while, so I decided to make use of the bathrooms first. It took us all of five minutes to "find out way out of the maze", so I probably would've been okay.

In summary, if you love to be scared and want to check out a decent haunted attraction, go for it! If you're a bit jaded like me, this probably isn't going to give you much of a scare, but you might still have fun checking it out!


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