September 2015 Disposables

I was kind of a bit surprised at how full my basket ended up being for September. I used up a lot of stuff!
1. This conditioner sample came in my September Birchbox. It was mostly just eh.
2 - 4. I enjoyed using this shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.
5. This hair conditioner originally came in my February 2014 Sample Society box, and while I found it to be fairly nourishing, it was also very heavy and didn't wash out cleanly. I had to be very careful when applying to avoid my roots or my hair would end up very greasy.
6. Not my fave shampoo, but it was okay.
7. L'oreal hair oil - good, nothing special.
1. This nail polish remover was okay - I had ordered it online, and some of it had leaked in the package, but the company promptly shipped out a replacement as soon as I let them know.
2. [No, I don't know why I didn't include these hair products in the first pic. :P] This dry shampoo came in my Spring 2014 FabFitFun box. It left my hair more greasy than volumized or dry, so I finally decided I just needed to get rid of it.
3 & 4. This shampoo and conditioner came in my August 2014 Glossybox. They had kind of a goopy texture, so definitely not a preferred product of mine.
1. Bath & Body Works Coconut Water Chill Body Lotion
2. This was my at work lotion.
3. This was my living room lotion lol.
4. I tell ya, I use shaving cream so rarely, I feel like I'm spoiling myself when I use it.
5. This foaming shower gel came in my February 2015 Glossybox.
6. This Jergens moisturizer lasted through much of the summer to add an extra tint to my normally [very] pale skin.
1. This face wash came as part of the Sephora Great Cleanse box I scooped up earlier this year. I had meant to write up a post about that box, but I've been a big procrastinator. Anyways, this particular cleanser smelled like flowers and cucumbers and had a light lather.
2. I actually received this product as part of a review. It was effective without being over-drying.
3. These leaflets came in my April 2014 Sample Society box. They do a really good job of absorbing excess oil without disturbing make-up.  
4. Not my favorite makeup remover, but it helped to clean up eye make-up in the morning.
5. I received this as part of a giveaway I won.
6. This primer came in my September 2014 Sample Society box, and it worked decently.
7. These eye pads came in my September 2015 Birchbox. They didn't stay in position for me very well.
8. I use baby shampoo to clean my make-up brushes. I usually aim for the generic stuff to save $$. :-P
1. I liked this under-eye concealer, but still probably not enough to send me out to buy it.
2. This disappointing lipstick came in last month's Glossybox - haven't even tried it, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a place in my make-up stash.
3. I really wasn't that impressed with this BB cream.  
4. This mascara was part of the One Direction collection I reviewed. It was a good non-clumping formula, but there are definitely others I prefer.
5. I actually first tried this BB Cream as part of a BzzAgent campaign, and I think I've since bought 1-2 replacements. It provides decent coverage for a BB cream.
6. This concealer came in my March 2015 Glossybox. It worked best as an under-eye concealer, but I really didn't like it for blemishes.
7. This Josie Maran lip product dried up kind of quickly. It had one end that was like a sponge applicator, but I didn't get many uses out of it. The other end was more of a lip balm, but it had sort of a funny smell to it.
8. I wasn't a big fan of the color and formula of this lip product that came in my August 2014 Sample Society box.  

FINAL RESULTS: 33 Woohoo, good month! Used up some not so great products as well as a few favorites - makin' room for new things to try in the future!


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