Birthday at the Cemetery

So, a cemetery generally isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fun place to go to celebrate your birthday, but apparently, my mom had been doing some research [it's dangerous when she Googles] and she came across Spring Grove Cemetery.  Now to be fair, this isn't just any old cemetery - it's actually the second largest cemetery in the US and it's recognized as a US National Historic Landmark. There is a lot of history here, and it is impeccably maintained. Many people come here just to walk or jog the grounds or photograph some of the beautiful monuments. So, after my husband filled our bellies with homemade waffles, we headed down the road to explore the cemetery. It's actually very close to where we live.
We didn't have a set plan, so we just started wandering. There were lots of trails and several small lakes.
My mom was on some quest for a building that was was supposedly partially submerged in water, but we weren't able to find it.
Afterwards, we had lunch at Red Robin then stopped at Hidden Valley Fruit Farm to pick some apples.
Overall, we were so disappointed with this orchard. We had to pre-pay for a bag - $25.00!! - before we even went out to the orchard. The apple varieties weren't labeled, and really it was kind of slim pickings.  We went to A&M Farm Orchard a couple years back, and I liked it SO much better. Many apple varieties, and you pay by the pound. That said, we did still bring home a lot of apples. 2 weeks later, and I've been eating them daily.
Gratuitous cuteness shot - not sure which one is more handsome :)


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