October 2015 Glossybox Review

October 2015 Glossybox Review
I did some interesting things with my GLOSSYBOX this month. I decided that I'd been accumulating GLOSSYdots [earned by completed product review surveys for the items received in your monthly box] for a long enough time and I was curious how to go about redeeming them. For every 1,000 GLOSSYDots accumulated, you are able to redeem them for a complimentary GLOSSYBOX.  I actually had enough Dots saved for two free boxes. However, since I've been on the three-month bill plan, I actually needed to cancel my recurring subscription first before I could redeem anything. BUT they don't offer three-month billings any more, so I ended up effectively giving up a $1.00 monthly discount.

Anyways, I'm glad I didn't miss out on the October box. It was a specialty box, and they haven't had one with a featured design in a while. This box was all about discovering the crème de la crème of French pharmacy brands with the Vive la France GLOSSYBOX.
Phyto Phytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray, $6.40 [$32.00 for 5.0 oz; sample size: 1.0 oz]
This thermal hair spray came in a hefty glass bottle. It had a clean, perfume fragrance. Thermal sprays are designed to be used when heat-styling, but I don't often use hot styling tools on my hair. I am usually too pressed for time, so I just twist up into a clip before heading out for work. I know - lazy. :-P I did just kind of use it as a quick spritz before styling, and it seemed to make my hair smoother.
Phyto Phytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray
Sabe Masson Le Soft Perfume, $25.00 [Full-size: 0.17 oz]
I don't know that I've actually tried a solid perfume before, but I think I prefer a liquid fragrance just cuz' I like to spritz a few different places where I'm hesitant to apply solid perfume. I'm just not sure if it might leave streaks on clothing.  I received the fragrance "Zazou", which I would describe as kind of a floral citrus. It wasn't particularly long-lasting - maybe around 3ish hours and then it was really faint. But that is the benefit of having it as a solid - you can easily keep it with you and reapply as needed.
Sabe Masson Le Soft Perfume
Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep, $10.50 [$35.00 for 1.7 oz; sample size:0.51 oz]
This pink night cream had a light, perfumey fragrance. I found that it absorbed rather quickly, so maybe my skin was just drinking this up.
Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep
Lollipops Make Up Paris Nail Lacquer in "Voyage a Paris", $10.00 [Full-size: 0.4 oz]
This nail polish was a classic red shade and application was very smooth. As with most any red shade, removal was kind of a pain as it's hard to get it cleanly off and it will leave your nails a bit stained.
Lollipops Make Up Paris Nail Lacquer in "Voyage a Paris"
De Bruyere Paris Red Lipgloss, $17.50 [Full-size: 0.17 oz]
This lipgloss definitely offered a bright pop of color. It's a classic red gloss that smooths on easily.
De Bruyere Paris Red Lipgloss
Total Value: $69.40
If you are interested in signing up for Glossybox, please sign up using this link.

Details: Glossybox is a beauty subscription service that sends subscribers a monthly box with ~five deluxe-sized beauty products.  The box itself retails for $21 per month.  They provide good presentation with high-quality brands bundled in a a sturdy box! 


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