Wednesday Weekend Recap

I technically didn't finish this post until Thursday, but that's okay. I had to take the kitten to the vet yesterday - he needs to get neutered soon, and he had two upper canine teeth on one side of his mouth and I could see where his gum was getting inflamed. The vet said they could easily extract the old tooth during his surgery.  
It has poured down rain for the past two days, but I would say that's largely been a nice fall so far. The trees outside of our condo have been beautiful.

On Friday, we ate dinner at Django Western Taco, one of our fave places for a slightly more upscale margarita. We stuffed ourselves full of chips and dip, drinks, and ended with a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. After dinner, we drove around a little bit to check out the foliage until all of those drinks started hitting my bladder. ;-)

We tried a new [to us] breakfast place called Sugar n' Spice on Saturday. My banana pancakes were okay, but they weren't worth the long wait at the crowded counter with the a/c constantly blowing on a chilly fall day. You'll always hear me say that I love trying new things, but the reality is that I don't end up liking an easy 75% of the new things I try. :-P I can easily say that I doubt I'd ever return here again.
Francisco was still feeling some of the after-effects of being sick (he thinks he had bronchitis), so we really didn't do much all weekend. We set out to do some shopping, but really this was just a Gordman's stop and a Kroger stop. We did stop at a couple furniture stores, but ugh, we're both such introverts, we almost immediately cringe as soon as those darned salesmen start making a beeline for us. We didn't see anything we liked overly much anyway, but someday I will get the new couch and dining room table I want so badly!

We stopped at Gomez Salsa for some of their fricking amazing Turtles. I don't know how they do it, but these are my like my favorite food ever. We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Hello Honey, which is probably my #2 fave ice cream spot in Cincy. I think Graeter's has officially stolen my heart.


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