Fall Kayaking

We had time for one more kayak trip this year. I'm guessing it'll be too chilly to really take the kayak anymore. We went out to Doe Run Lake right after work on a Monday.

The evening sun was blazing away, so we quickly paddled over to the shady side.
We had packed some chips and sandwiches to munch on while we were out on the boat. We pulled over to a shady, quiet area and threw our crust to the surrounding fishies.
Since it is fall, the light faded relatively quickly, so we weren't out terribly long. It was a Monday anyway, so we were feeling the tired seep in.
I think that bright sun and it being a Monday just combined to give me a decent migraine, so that wasn't the best way to start the week - but I'm definitely glad we had at least one trip in the kayak.


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