Chile & Antarctica, Day 11 & 12: PUQ to CVG

We used our spare time to walk back to the stores that had been closed the day before, but we had pretty much already seen and taken advantage of everything we were interested in.  The darn dogs were still at the beach, so the birds were still too afraid to come to shore.
We checked out of our hotel around 1:00 and arranged for a taxi to the airport for our 3:20 return flight to Santiago.  
We were back in Santiago by 7:00 PM, and we headed back across the street to our beloved overpriced Holiday Inn. This was our third night staying there, and this time they actually recognized us and asked if we'd been there a few days ago.  

We indulged in some room service, ordering Nachos con guacamole, a vegetable sandwich, and some pudding.  
You can pretty much tell when our trip is coming to a close because all of the remaining pics are of food. :)

We were up by 4 AM to check out and walk across the street to the airport. We thought we'd have plenty of time to get breakfast and COFFEE, but there were no Copa Airlines agents at the desk. We waited at least a half hour until someone finally showed up. Now our leisurely breakfast had turned into grabbing food from Starbucks: a Cherimoya Frappuccino, Dulce de Leche Cappuccino, Ave Palta, and Torta 4 Leches. Um, yeah, we didn't realize that Ave was some kind of poultry; we thought it was just an avocado sandwich, so that was kind of a waste of money.  
Our flight left a little after 6 AM and we landed in Panama at 10:48 for our lunch lay-over to last until 12:14 PM. We got lucky on both Copa flights, and no one booked the third seat in our row.  

We had a gourmet lunch in Panama - Chester's fries, a Cinnabon parfait, and a Haazen Dazs Dulce de Leche sundae. When we get bored in airports, we eat lots of really bad food, lol.  
We arrived back in Miami at 3:20 PM where we had a long lay-over. So, we made more questionable food decisions.
Finally, we boarded our final flight at 6:50 PM bound for Cincinnati! 2.5 hours later we were home!


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