Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle

Product: "The Kitchen Supreme French Press will help you to obtain a CREAMY, FOAMY, VELVETY and PURE coffee and tea. The pack includes:
1. The Kitchen Supreme French Press (1.000 ml/34 Oz) - Created from the highest quality materials: Double wall – Borosilicate Glass. This is the only type of glass conceived to resist thermal shocks; it will hardly crack! It also includes a Stainless Steel Plunger, Frame and Filer Screens.
2. 4 FILTER Screens: The only Press Pot that comes with 4 Screens System for no more grounds in your pure coffee. One Filter is already assembled and the other three are separately inserted in the pack.
3. 1 Unique SPOON made from thick stainless steel for honey, sugar and desert.
4. 1 Coffee/Tea SCOOP.
5. HARD COPY Instructions and Barista Secrets"

Use: My husband is our house chef, so he prepared the coffee. The process is definitely a lot more involved than just filling up the coffee pot and pushing a button.  

Verdict: We love a good old-fashioned taste test, so we brewed a traditional pot of coffee for comparison. Let me tell you, there is a clear difference in taste. The French Press coffee was creamy and foamy with a bold flavor. The biggest drawback is that the process is more time-consuming, so this is not a coffee I would expect to indulge in during the week simply because there isn't the time in the morning. However, weekend mornings are an entirely different story, and we've been enjoying some rich, creamy coffee the past 2 weekends.
Left: French Press; Right: Traditional
I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 


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